It’s currently 10 to 1 in the morning. I’m in a horizontal position on a futon in a suburb somewhere outside of Manchester. Gorton? I think it’s Gorton.

The room I’m in is one that was been laid out for the specific purpose of peace, self exploration and enlightenment. It’s a religious kind of room. There are prayer mats and candles. There is a photograph of a guru.

After missing my train back to Liverpool, a kind man offered me this spare room as lodgings for the night.

He is a most religious fellow and a bloody good musician. He assured me earlier on in the taxi home that he didn’t plan to convert me. I’m much obliged. He had a song called ‘Cool To Be Kind’. I like people like this.

He has a job interview in 9 hours and I am crossing my fingers he gets it.

I’ve just had a fantastic night at The Whiskey Jar Open Mic hosted by living legend Joe Mcadam, where I was a prebooked guest.

The best (certainly the most novel) aspect of Joe’s open mic is his merciless demands of the audience that they be quiet during artists’ performances.

I’m putting it quite politely; he really tells people to shut the fuck up. It’s outwardly fierce, yet this approach betrays a heart of gold and a heavy passion for music.

A great host.

Some terrific musicians on display tonight.

My set seemed to go down well; Oh Rocko, followed by a cover of Couldn’t Love You More by John Martyn and finishing with Daisy. People came up afterwards and remarked upon it with genuine and sincere enjoyment. I am completely useless with compliments about my music and generally tend to say things like “thank you” (sheepishly) or “that’s very kind of you”. But all in good fun!

Having bought a big sod off double bed this week but not had time to put it together I am quietly grateful for this opportunity to get some shut eye in a tranquil room such as this one. So here it goes.