Crowdfunding New Album:         The Feng Shui & The Sushi

I’m making a new album… I’ve recently been into Elevator Studios with my band to make a start on my new album ‘The Feng Shui and the Sushi’, and I need your help finishing it off.

Below you can see a range of offers from the digital download, to CDs, to vinyl, to house gigs and even a mad bundle combining everything in the store.

The money raised from these purchases will go towards further recording sessions, the musicians’ fees, mixing, mastering, artwork and production. I’ve got a seriously top notch set of musicians behind me, a fantastic engineer and hopefully some of you as well, so let’s get things started.


Target raised...

Press “Cheering and addictive.”  Paul Du Noyer, former editor NME, Q, Mojo & Word “Leaving you reaching for the replay button.” Tom Robinson, 6music

Bio Thom Morecroft is a British singer-songwriter from Shropshire, currently living in Liverpool. He has opened for the likes of Robert Vincent, Roxanne de Bastion, Beans on Toast and Will Varley. Having just finished his second UK tour (and a short tour of Germany), Thom is currently working on a new album.

Pre-order your digital copy here, and receive it the moment the album is ready. The same price wherever in the world you are.

Comes free with any other purchase.

(Comes free with other purchases)

Your favourite Thom Morecroft song especially personalised and handwritten.

P+P inl in price.

Where I am sending this lyric sheet to?

Receive your handwritten album lyrics booklet for ‘FS&S’.

Comes with CD or Vinyl.

Vinyl or CD?

Get a signed test pressing of the FS&S 12″ Vinyl AND the bootleg demos on CD.

Only 4 available.

Signed Test Pressing + Digital Download

Acquire your own personalised signed copy of a limited edition 12″ Vinyl, shipped with a personalised thank you note.

P+P inc – comes with digital download.

Where am I shipping this vinyl to?

Become a patron and be thanked personally in the liner notes.

Comes as a bundle package with vinyl or CD.

Vinyl or CD?

Have a brand new song written for you or someone else.

Can be sent by email, post or as a bundle.

How and with what?

Have your name in the credits as Executive Producer.

And get the whole lot.

The Whole Bundle

Get a personalised, signed copy of The Feng Shui and the Sushi delivered with a handwritten thank you note.

P+P inc, comes with digital download.

Where am I shipping this CD to?

Request any song to be learnt by me, then performed and recorded.

Can be sent by email, post or as a bundle.

How and with what?

No stranger to house gigs, I will come and play in your living room.

Comes with CD or Vinyl.

House Gig

Just want to donate a little bit? Or want to throw on a little extra? Or a lot extra?

I’ve handily provided this donate button just for you.