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the beast (Live)

Single (2021)

The Feng shui & the Sushi

Album (2019)

after the rain

EP (2016)

hand me down

EP (2016)

on all night

Single (2014)

Moon moon shake it

Mini-Album (2012)

something shows

Mini-Album (2010)

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Every month, Thom Morecroft releases brand home-recorded material through the website Patreon. Patrons receive either a single, an EP or an album, depending on which subscription tier they have selected, as well as an array of other exclusive offers.

“Why did I join Patreon?”

“All songwriters are different; some write two songs a year, others write a great deal more. And whilst quantity may not always translate into quality, I would definitely put myself in that latter category. Therefore, I often find myself with a lot of material I am very fond of but have no outlet for. This was why Patreon was perfect for me, in that I produce a lot of music from home that may not otherwise see the light of day.”


Hailing from Shrewsbury (but a long-time resident of Liverpool) Thom Morecroft is singer and songwriter who plays around with a range of styles and voices to tell different stories.


Played on 6music by Tom Robinson and championed as “cheering and addictive” by writer Paul Du Noyer, Thom has built a steady following in his home city as well as a scattering of musical admirers around the UK and beyond.


As influenced by alternative rock as much as acoustic and folk, Thom likes to find the best way to tell story for the song. His most recent single ‘The Beast’, is a deeply personal live performance recorded at the end of a sell-out hometown album launch.


As soon as live performances get going again, Thom will be putting together a tour of the UK. Having been making an album at home since March last year, he is planning on releasing a wider array of singles over the next 12 months.