Last night, I had the distinct honour and privilege of having a spot at Panache in Hoylake for the Wirral Festival of Firsts on possibly one of the hottest days of the year amongst a fantastic line-up.

The Festival of Firsts is an annual event which in its own words:

“was established in Hoylake in 2011 to deliver an innovative, community based arts festival to encourage participation, the showcasing of local talent as well as the opportunity for the community to access and enjoy some examples of the best art, music and poetry in the country.

The Festival is run by volunteers consisting of an elected executive committee supported by steering groups and managers responsible for different aspects of the Festival.”

Originally intending to play a duo acoustic set with singer Elle Schillereff, we just so happened to hear Chris Cousineau was in the area so we thought he may as well get up and play with us too.

Arrived just as Just By Chance began their fantastic set, followed by the tremendous Dominic Dunn, Sophia, and someone I had heard much about and then seen for the first time that evening, Caroline England.

We went on to play a set that was very lively and a lot of fun for me. Ben the soundman was a complete gent! A lot of people seemed to be dancing and singing along to songs of mine, that as far as I know, they had never heard before. So that was ace!

After us, Madmen took to the stage to deliver a fine set, but the the hero of the night for me was Steve Khan, who really set the night off with a bang.

In in all, it was a good night!