Haven’t ‘blogged’ anything for a while, apologies for those of you who like to keep up to date!

I’ll start with early on in the month, when me, Chris Cousineau, Elle Schillereff and James Baxter made our way down to Balham for a gig at the Bedford. Not only did we really enjoy playing, but it was also great to see the fantastic Zoe West again. We’re all very fond of her, what an act! Find her at http://www.zoe-west.com/

Annelie Rosencrantz took some great pictures of the gig, which can be viewed here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.363254253764506.87841.110848902338377&type=3

Elle had kindly booked us a hostel to stay in, and I can genuinely say that sitting around in the kitchen with my friends and band mates was nothing short of hilarious. We had a good long look in the fridge, which was full of interesting foodstuffs.

The London gig revealed a problem with my guitar, which was fixed almost immediately by the guitar tech at Dawsons Music (thanks!!!) the day after. Shortly after, I played some really enjoyable gigs at the Pilgrim, the Baltic Creative for the Science of the Lamps EP launch and caught up with my good friend Simon Maddison (aka, Silent Cities) for an informal performance we put together with Elle Schillereff at Schmooze Wine Bar.

The new albums arrived this month in a nice box that resembled something my mum used to put the Christmas decorations in when I was a smaller child than I am now. They arrived just in time too! Not a second after the turned up, myself, Elle, James and Chris (along with others) flew off to Galway for what Chris describes as “beano”; in short, I am still currently recovering in my room and wondering if I’ll ever be able to stand up without doing the Couscous Jive again.

I did find a nice scarf though! And it gets better. When we got back from off the plane, we suddenly realised we were playing the Album Launch night on December 1st! To attend this event, click here!

So we’ll be at the View Two Gallery this Saturday. The event ties together a gig that attempts to present three of Liverpool’s finest singer-songwriters plus me with an exhibition put on by some of Liverpool’s finest up and coming fine artist.

So: art exhibition from 6.30pm, and gig from 8.30pm!

Those playing are Dominic Dunn, Robert Vincent and Silent Cities, and more details about the event can be found here regarding the gig and here for the art exhibition

To finish this long and overdue blogpost, I’ll just add that I was happy to hear from my good friend Simon that I and him had been on BBC Radio 6 this morning again with my song ‘Moon Moon Shake It’ (first track off the new album) and the Silent Cities song ‘Haptophic’, which is a song off of Simon’s new EP which I happen to play a bit of guitar on. So in a way, I was on twice…

Click to hear to listen to that episode of the BBC Introducing Mixtape with Tom Robinson

I will post again on Thursday so say what I’m up to for the rest of December, but until now, keep your eyes closed and your feel delicate!