Earlier this month, with the helpful of my partner in crime and percussionist Chris Cousineau, I played at a refreshing event called the Lark Lane Acoustic Festival hosted by Neil Campbell (the man who, to all intents and purposes is classical guitar music in Merseyside) and conveniently bumped into James Addis of Addistock. James used to run a quality night down south, and is familiar with the likes of Frank Turner.

He said, let’s film some of you playing outside. So I said “Chris, shall we?” and Chris said “okay.” So off we pondered where the wind was least heavy and filmed two songs; one original and one cover.

Chris, who is often much better than me at picking songs specifically for the occasion, suggested “Daisy” (one of mine) and Light My Fire by The Doors.

If you like these films, visit https://www.facebook.com/AddistockSessions?ref=ts or follow James on twitter via @Addistock.

Light My Fire (Doors cover)