Thom Morecroft – Hand Me Down EP

The new, crowd-funded Hand Me Down EP is now streaming from Soundcloud.

A huge thank you to all pledgers, to the producer John Mac, the mastering engineer Jon Astley, artist James Kirkham, pledge video creator Joe Campbell at Culture City Television.

Also a special thanks to  Adam Pahal, The Wonderful Mikey Gannon, The McKeowns, Simon Anstey, Rob Dunsford, Rob & Georgia, Chris & Kaya, Liverpool Bands & Hemy

Set for release 13/01/2016

See Thom Live

  • 26/11/17 Thom Morecroft in Manchester at The Castle Hotel
  • 03/12/17 Thom Morecroft in Wigan at Wigan Central
  • 15/05/18 Thom Morecroft in Hamburg at Freundlich + Kompetent
  • 16/05/18 Thom Morecroft in Lübeck at Tonfink
  • 17/05/18 Thom Morecroft in Berlin at Zimmer 16