Played on 6music and described by ex-editor of NME, Q, Mojo and Word Paul Du Noyer as “cheering and addictive”.
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Crowd-funded January EP

Showing Ian Prowse the chords to ‘Holly’

For reasons yet to be explained, yesterday I found myself on the steps of the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool yesterday demonstrating to former-Pele and current Amsterdam frontman Ian Prowse the chords to my song Holly. What he plans to do with the song at present...

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Whiskey Jar – 24/03/15 – Manchester

It's currently 10 to 1 in the morning. I'm in a horizontal position on a futon in a suburb somewhere outside of Manchester. Gorton? I think it's Gorton. The room I'm in is one that was been laid out for the specific purpose of peace, self exploration and...

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Sketch – ViewTwo – Thom Morecroft

  Hosted by the infamous Southbound Attic Band, the Acoustic Dustbowl is a twice monthly live acoustic event held at the View Two Gallery on Mathew Street in Liverpool. Last night, with my band The Rhythm Section, I featured at this month's first, supporting a...

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Here’s my kickin’ video.