Played on 6music and described by ex-editor of NME, Q, Mojo and Word Paul Du Noyer as “cheering and addictive”.
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The Whiskey Jar, Manchester, The Wrong Train, Charlie McKeon, Taxi Drivers Who Discussed Gun Crime, Joe McAdam’s Brilliant Open Mic, The Friendly Coach Station Attendant, Taking 3 Hours to Complete a 50-minute Journey

It would come as no surprise to people that know me that, just occasionally, the simplest of journeys can go awry. I've developed a fondness for playing Joe McAdam's amazing open mic & acoustic sessions at The Whiskey Jar in Manchester. Located on Tariff Street,...

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FAC drop-in-session with Fran Healy of Travis

Yesterday I attended an FAC (Featured Artist Coalition) drop-in session with guest panelist Fran Healy (Travis) chaired by my friend Roxanne de Bastion. I was also fortunate enough to be involved in the live music event hosted and curated by Graham Holland and Stuart...

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Showing Ian Prowse the chords to ‘Holly’

For reasons yet to be explained, yesterday I found myself on the steps of the Bombed Out Church in Liverpool yesterday demonstrating to former-Pele and current Amsterdam frontman Ian Prowse the chords to my song Holly. What he plans to do with the song at present...

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Here’s my kickin’ video.